Tuesday, May 29, 2012

With the holiday weekend and an unexpected virus, I haven't blogged in several day. <hangs head in shame> So, I'd better get to work! I don't necessarily consider this a "fashion" blog, just a blog more about my style and what appeal to me. I also have fun taking the photos in SL and doing a little playing, usually with PicMonkey.  I've never learned photoshop, so you won't see a ton of editing, but I do use the sliders on PicMonkey a bit to help bring out certain details in outfits.

The below pics I like to call "War and Peace". I liked the way I could display both of these using outfits from the same store:


Skin: .ploom. Lea_Cream - DB - Red Wine
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes - Green (M)Hairbase: .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 4 black
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * TYRA4*/black
Lips: :: Exodi :: Lipsticks - Reddish 1
Eyelashes: Koketka  - *Eyelashes v.18*
Manicure: *Sexy Mamas* Glitter Prim Nails
Outfit: .:EMO-tions:. - DEMONICA
Shoes: MayCreations Xtreme buckle boots black
Poses: Prickle
For Peace:

Skin:  (Cleavage)[MyDear]Grette Skin-- Pale #1
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Gold (M)
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * LORA*/naturals
Hairbase: .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 4 naturals
Brows: [MyDear]Eyebrows-Blonde-Pale
Eyelashes: Koketka - *Eyelashes v.18*
Manicure:  [mock] Gilded Gold Mock Nails
Outfit: EMO-tions: HELENA
Make-up: [mock] Avenue Makeover [lip 1/ eye]
Shoes: Slink Barefeet Mesh Medium
Poses: Various
Sim: Save as above

Sunday, May 20, 2012

After the goth/emo pics, I decided to lighten it up a bit with my submsision for the 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge.  Details on this challenge can be found here: http://lunajubilee.com/2012/01/01/52-weeks-of-color-challenge-champagne/. I have no clue anymore what week we're on, but this week's color is Lemon Chiffon. I sometimes wonder where Luna gets the colors from for each challenge, but it's certainly fun and interesting to put together something that matches each week:


Skin: CL[MyDear]Hygeia Skin- Medium 1
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Pale Silver (M)
Hair: >TRUTH< Rhonda w/Roots - fudge
Make-Up:  [mock] Mythic Neutraliser (Lip/eye)- Tintable
Eyelashes: Koketa-*Eyelashes v.18*
Necklace: EarthStones Tennis Necklace -  Diamond/White Gold
Manicure: Izzie's - Glitter Nails
Outfit: Ricielli Mesh - (M) Papi Jumpsuit /yellow (Culture Shock)
Feet: Slink Barefeet Mesh Medium

I had lindens to spare, so visited The World Goth Fair where many lovely, tempting things awaited. Goth isn't a typical style for me, but it's something I like to try on now and then.  Exploring a different side to myself.  These pictures were edited a bit with PicMonkey, especially the 2nd set. But don't you think the outfit just screamed for it? I couldn't resist making use of PicMonkey's free editing tools to help really bring out the details of each dress and look.

This first one is a gorgeous mesh gown, and I have to admit that I am loving very hard on mesh at the moment. I find myself buying, and wearing, more and more of it. It's almost an obsession. Perhaps I should seek help...and I will...someday...not yet though, too much lovely, lovely mesh out there. I don't own a lot of black hair, so this preview of EMO-tions' new hairstyle (which is being released tomorrow at the newest version of The Attic @ The Deck event), was absolutely perfect for the look I was going for. The poses are called Broken Puppet from LAP.  LAP is closing sometime in June, and everything is on sale.  There is no definite close date, so if you're a fan, or just love poses, I urge you to get there ASAP.

Skin: - Glam Affair - Leah skin - Ethereal Sadness D
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MEMORY*/black w/ Rose attachment (for The Attic Event @ The Deck starting 5/21)
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Pale Silver (M)
Eyelashes: Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Belle"
Eye effects: KOSH- TO MUCH STRESS -hangover- (WGF)
Eye effects:  KOSH- TO MUCH STRESS -drama- (WGF)
Mask: + eX + Oh My Goth! *face tattoo
Gown & Gloves: + eX + Oh My Goth! *Black Gown [S] (WGF)

My next set is a gorgeous lace dress, and I did my best to let you see all of the detail. Again, EMO-tions came through with the perfect hair to accompany the outfit with their newest group gift. They give gifts on a regular basis and it's free to join!  Can't beat that.


Skin: Nuuna's Skins Mai Goth Bare Cl.
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * CORA * black-groupgift
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Pale Silver (M)
Eye make-up: [mock]Dim Grey Indifference
Lipstick: Izzie's - Lipstick black
Eyelashes: Koketka: *Eyelashes v.18*
Dress: ~Black Arts~Dusk Fairy (WGF)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Flutter boots raven - rigged mesh M
Earrings: :::Sn@tch Black Crystal Dangle Earrings
Necklace: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] LENORE Necklace v3 (WGF)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to my blog.  Blogging about my Second Life shopping addiction and favorite outfits was something I had been considering for quite some time.  I just wasn't sure how well I would do.  My decision, however, was given a sense of urgency when I was contacted by a well-known inworld creator about joining their blog group and blogging items. This offer came after this creator saw some of my posts and photos on the Show Your Style thread on the SLUniverse forums: http://www.sluniverse.com/php/.  I was extremely flattered by this interest and...hello!...instant stars in my eyes. I thought it was time to actually get down to this blogging business, so here I am.

Hi, my name is Shiloh Lyric, and I am an SL Shopaholic. <hangs head in shame> I admit it.  All spare lindens are spent on clothes, skins, hair, eyes, shoes, anything I can my greedy little pixel hands on. My style is diverse, and depends on my mood at any given moment. While most of the time I'm all about pretty, femine and flowers, I also like to let my "dark" side show now and then. I'm not married to any one particular look, and am known to change my eye and hair color, as well as my skins and clothes, at every log-in.

So, again, welcome and thank you for taking an interest in my little corner of the grid.

Little Preview:

When I read fashion blogs, I like when the credits are listed, just in case something truly awesome catches my eye and my lindens are calling to me to spend them.  The credits for the pictures above:

Skin: :GP: Acorn [Light] GoGo-Secret Agent 2
Hair: Exile Leilani/sahara
 Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Egyptian Blue (M)
Eyelashes: Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Belle" Dress: (PixelDolls) Harlequin . Red (store now closed)
Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black
Make-up: [mock] Candy Apple Mock Nails
.:Glamorize:. Soft Smoke Eye Makeup - Red Velvet
:: Exodi :: Lipsticks - Reddish 4
Jewelry: .( bewildebeest ). Madiera - Onyx

Whew! My intro and first post are finished.  I'm hoping I have this blogging thing figured out, but I guess we'll find out together.